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Cairo so you’re able to Jerusalem, Damascus, Medina, and you may Mecca: 1326

Cairo so you’re able to Jerusalem, Damascus, Medina, <a href="">Tam rapor oku</a> and you may Mecca: 1326

“Regarding Gaza We travelled to the city away from Abraham [Hebron], the new mosque at which was away from female, however, good, framework, towering and you can loft, and you may founded away from squared stones. . . They do say you to definitely Solomon commanded the newest jinn to construct it. “(Gibb, p. 55.)

Within section, you will see a great deal from the Islam! Before you can read about Ibn Battuta’s travel, you may want some record regarding the essential prophets that he will state about. Maybe you’ve observed Adam and eve as well as their sons Cain and Abel? Do you realize in regards to the Prophet Muhammad? These although some would-be produced contained in this part.

Ibn Battuta remaining Cairo and headed in order to Damascus, Syria across the Regal Highway. The fresh new Mamluk regulators organized caravans to bring pilgrims and you can resellers with each other it path. The brand new Mamluks checked passports, taxed brand new resellers, and strictly monitored who was simply moving in and you can from their territory.

That it part of the Mamluk Kingdom had been in tough fights having Mongol Intruders. Regarding 1260 with the very early 1300s, the brand new Mamluk warriors managed to push the fresh Mongol armies aside regarding Damascus and you can northern Syria, and leftover them off providing Egypt and Palestine. The brand new Mongols had taken over Baghdad and much of your Abbasid Empire from the 1258 trapping and you may ruining urban centers because they ran.

The fresh Mamluk armies protected the kingdom and you may left discover the fresh new exchange routes therefore the pilgrimage pathways. Collectively one to part of the channel troops toward horseback pulled carpeting otherwise mats so you’re able to effortless the fresh mud per night. Read More