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What you should score my a dozen-year-ex boyfriend to own Christmas time?

What you should score my a dozen-year-ex boyfriend to own Christmas time?

heyy, my boyfdriend and I are bestfriends so it been weird going out with him, but I went out with him twice over the summer (2009) and I now since dec 3rd we’ve been going out. my birthday is on dec 17th and you know what he got me for my birthday?? a 50$ coach wallet and lip gloss. I was happy of course. so christmas is coming up (2009) and I have know clue what to get him. and I am 14 and so is he. but its weird with whatever I get him, because I know he is gonna tell all his friends, and I don’t want to get him a necklace, because that seems gay. but if I did I would give him a key and I would have the heart <3>

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kk really myself and you may my sweetheart was in fact relationships to own cuatro years when xmas arrives it does nearly end up being 5 years and you will he’s got eg verything hes previously want mud bicycles , cod’s,t’vs,jewelry,sweet fabrics . many years feel fore this I hae got your timberland footwear and you will sweaters , an eye with these names ingrave, dog chain with these title etched in it , colone, no more than a lot of topic hes had myself for example therefore much nice posts in which he buys they out of outside of the country otherwise such as area hes purchased me a pony(i put it inside the barn), p-j’s. necklace’s out-of fl, braclets off mexico ,fifteen carrot band , hes ordered myself such as for example so much stuff and that seasons We dont understand what to acquire him do you think however particularly and ipod touch having xmas.

I was laughs my personal boyfriend for just over a-year – by Christmas it might be fourteen days. Read More