OkCupid are the original relationship application to offer extended gender and you may direction alternatives into 2014.

OkCupid are the original relationship application to offer extended gender and you may direction alternatives into 2014.

With twenty two sexes and you can several orientations to pick from, we’re also invested in making certain that your own reputation shows your.

Unsure what most of these indicate? Realize lower than, or perhaps to come across definitions of members of their own conditions, head to OkCupid.com/identity

Genders (22)


Agender was an identification according to the nonbinary and transgender umbrellas. Agender people discover that he has got no sex name, though some identify which a lot more since the having a sex label you to definitely is basic. — Nonbinary.org


Having the characteristics or characteristics of each other female and male; neither particularly female neither masculine. — Merriam-Webster


A sex title that will be literally interpreted due to the fact ‘two genders’ otherwise ‘double gender’. Bigender anyone feel just a couple gender identities, either in addition or varying among them. Both of these sex identities could be men and women, but could have low-binary identities. — Sex Wiki

Cis Child and you can Cis Woman

Cisgender and you can cissexual (commonly abbreviated to simply pink cupid dallas cis) determine associated types of gender term in which individuals’ feel of the own intercourse fulfill the intercourse these were tasked at delivery. The word cisgender is the contrary of your phrase transgender. — Wikipedia


Genderfluid men and women have different intercourse identities during the different occuring times. Good genderfluid person’s gender title might possibly be multiple genders immediately and then change to not one after all, otherwise disperse anywhere between single sex identities, or some other combination therein. — Nonbinary Wiki


An umbrella identity you to definitely pertains each other so you’re able to low-normative sex label and you may gender term. Brand new title may also be used by the anyone looking to choose due to the fact carrying queer otherwise non-normative sex without being any more particular concerning nature out of its intercourse.Once the an umbrella identity, Genderqueer features an identical range to help you nonbinary, with most nonbinary-determining some body together with considering by themselves genderqueer. However, brand new terms and conditions have some other historic scopes and connotations. The phrase genderqueer was used no less than ten years ahead of nonbinary.

Sex Nonconforming

Decisions otherwise sex term of the a person who doesn’t matches male and you can female sex norms. — Wikipedia


When you look at the southern area Parts of asia together with Asia, Pakistan, and you will Bangladesh, the newest tasked male during the birth and you may who have a girly sex expression. This might be an extremely ancient community off a beneficial nonbinary sex character (also known as “third sex”). — Nonbinary Wiki


“Intersex” was an over-all title useful different standards inside and this one is produced which have a great reproductive or intimate physiology one doesn’t apparently complement the common definitions from male or female. — Intersex Society regarding North america

A grown-up male real human. — Merriam-Webster


Nonbinary gender is actually an umbrella term level one intercourse identity otherwise phrase that will not complement within the sex binary. The latest label can also be used of the somebody hoping to pick as dropping outside of the intercourse digital without having to be any more certain regarding character of the gender. — Nonbinary.org


Pangender (and/otherwise Omnigender) are a low-digital intercourse experience and this refers to a wide multiplicity off sexes that can (or not) tend to the fresh new unlimited (and therefore this feel can go not in the current expertise in genders). Which experience are going to be both as well or higher time. The fresh new greek prefix “pan” means “everything” otherwise “all”, thus, pangender you can expect to imply “all the sexes”, however the sexes off pangender people are restricted to their existence experience. — Nonbinary.org


Transfeminine citizens were assigned male within birth but line up a whole lot more directly toward ladies section of the gender spectrum. A good transfeminine personal could possibly get choose with many areas of femininity but perhaps not identify themselves because the “a female” — Wikipedia


One whoever gender label is different from the brand new intercourse anyone got or are identified as having at beginning. — Merriam-Webster

Trans Boy

A trans child (both trans-boy or transman) was a female-to-male (FTM otherwise F2M) transgender individual that is tasked females in the birth (AFAB/DFAB) however, enjoys a masculine sex term. The new model of transgender man isn’t necessarily compatible thereupon off transsexual boy, although the one or two names are found in that way. — Wikipedia

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